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Default listening port for Ericom AccessNow Server

Just got a new Samsung Chromebook, configuring server for RDP access using Ericom AccessNow RDP html 5 client.

This taken from the PowerTermo WebConnect documentation.

Default listening port is 8080 and 8081

Can be changed with following registry entry:

On 32-bit (x86) Windows:
On 64-bit (x64) Windows:
Add a DWORD value named Listening Port and set it to the desired port
number. After updating the registry, restart the AccessNow Server service.
This port will then be used for encrypted communication instead of 8080. The
value plus one will be used for unencrypted communication instead of 8081


Sharepoint 2010 Productivity Hub and Office Web Apps

Here is a fix to get Sharepoint 2010 Productivity Hub links working properly with Office Web Apps:

1 - Using Sharepoint Designer, edit the productDV.xsl file in the All Files/supportFiles folder on the site hosting the Productivity Hub.

2 - In the table data section referenced by: <td class="ph-dataviewfeaturetext" colspan="3">, Replace the code for the html link with the following:

            <xsl:when test="substring(@FileRef,string-length(@FileRef) - 4,5) ='.docx'">
               <strong><a href="/_layouts/WordViewer.aspx?id={@FileRef}"><xsl:value-of select="@Title"/></a></strong>
            <xsl:when test="substring(@FileRef,string-length(@FileRef) - 4,5) ='.pptx'">
               <strong><a href="/_layouts/PowerPoint.aspx?PowerPointView=ReadingView&amp;PresentationId={@FileRef}"><xsl:value-of select="@Title"/></a></strong>
             <xsl:when test="substring(@FileRef,string-length(@FileRef) - 4,5) ='.xlsx'">
               <strong><a href="/_layouts/xlviewer.aspx?id={@FileRef}"><xsl:value-of select="@Title"/></a></strong>
                <strong><a href="{@FileRef}"><xsl:value-of select="@Title"/></a></strong>


Windows Update Failed 8E5E03FA

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 that continually gets Windows Update errors with error code 8E5E03FA and sometimes other error codes.

I posted a question on the Microsoft forums here.

Here are the steps that have worked for me (perform at your own risk):

1 - From administrative command prompt:  net stop cryptsvc

2 - Stop the Windows Update Service

3 - Erase all files in the windows\SoftwareDistribution folder

4 - Rename \windows\system32\catroot2 to \windows\system32\catroot3

5 - From administrative command prompt:  net start cryptsvc

6 - Start the Windows Update Service




Program Phase 1-16 has been posted to the site.

I have posted the source code and Code Setup and Compilation instructions for Program Phase 1-16 C++ with wxWidgets. With the exception of a few broken links, all of the information is there. Check it out here.

Sql Outer Join Gotcha

Here is a solution for filtering results from an outer join query without using a where clause.  I needed this solution today for a project.